Isometric custom angles


I need isometric parallel projection renderings with different tilts than the preset iso views, e.g. Back Left Iso View.

So far, I found I can create a line, use the protractor to create a reference towards the origin axis at 75deg which will give me a 15deg tilt from above. I then created more lines in 15deg angle increments around my model.


When I try to use the same technique on the new lines to get the same tilt from a different side angle, I can’t get the protractor to angle correctly.


How can I get the protractor to create the proper angle?

Also, if there’s a better way to set this up, I’m happy to learn. I would like to be able to set any angle around the object and tilt the camera down/up at any angle.


Have you tried using the drag feature to align the camera?

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It’s a bit hard to be certain from your animations exactly what is in your model or what you are trying to do. But here’s a guess: if the problem is that you always get the protractor around the vertical (blue) axis but you want up/down tilt instead, press the left arrow key for green axis and the right arrow key for red axis. For non-axis tilts you may need a reference face oriented in the desired plane.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile indicates "SketchUp Make (Desktop) 2018 which doesn’t exist but you are posting in the SketchUp For Web section.

If what box doesn’t suit and you actually need to set a known angle for the camera position, make an array of faces instead of single edges around the model. You can then set the protractor on that face to set the tilt angle. If you want them all to be the same, either make the face with an angled top edge or make the face a component and edit it after making the array.

Another approach is to draw a face that lies perpendicular to the desired view direction. Then you can use the “Align View” command in the context menu to set your camera (at least in SketchUp Pro and SketchUp Make).


Thanks, everyone! I’m now using SketchUp Shop (web).

I wasn’t sure how to move the corner down so I just created a bunch of lines on the plane to reference again at a later point. I’m used to simply moving the vertices down in other 3D software.

In comparison, it’s definitely a silly set up to have to do rather than numerically typing in tilt/HPB values, but at least now this is one way to get it to work:


The only downside is, it seems to shift the camera. If it could remain stationary, that would be golden. :partying_face:

Please update your profile. This information helps us help you.

I updated it after my last post, but there isn’t an option for Shop, just the free web. Hopefully, it helps.

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