45 Degree Isometric View

Hi everyone. I started using Sketchup for a little over a year and i’ve run into something i don’t know how to get around.

I am using sketchup for cabinet design (kitchens, vanities, builtins, etc.) I have a very easy time creating elevations until now that i am facing a 45 Degree Wall.

I’ve set up standard views while setting up the camera as a parallel projection, but i don’t have a clue on how to face the camera “straight” into that 45 degree angled wall to do actual elevations in layout. Any ideas? I’m not sure if i make sense, but i am very much desperate at this point.

Select a face such as that on a door panel. Right click on it and choose Align View. Assuming you’ve made a component or group of the door or the panel, you’ll need to open that component to be able to select the face for aligning the camera to.

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I feel like such a monumental moron. Thank you so much!

No worries. If it’s something you haven’t needed before, it would be easily missed. It’s a Context menu item after all and only shows up if you right click on a single face.

And you’re quite welcome.