Non-standard scene views in LayOut

Hi, for a woodworking project, I have a part that is at 45 degrees. I want to dimension this in LayOut, using a view perpendicular to the part, eg a 45 degree rotated view. I have tried changing the axes of the components, I have tried in Sketchup aligning my view with the surfaces I want horizontal, but none of this helps in LayOut when I insert the scene - it only provides standard views based on the total project axis.

How do I get the right views (top, sides, bottom) for what I want?


In SketchUp you can align the camera to the 45° face of the model and set up a scene to use in LayOut. Make sure you are selecting the appropriate scene and you are not selecting a standard view from the Camera settings in the SketchUp Model panel.

Here the thing is a component so I opened it for editing to be able to select and right click on the angled face.

Model and component axes have no bearing on the Standard views so changing the axes won’t help.

Which version of SketchUp Pro are you using? Please update your profile.