Toolbar views do not align to the axis in my scenes


I have a blueprint with multiple scenes, each because the build has buildings that are 22.5* angle from each other when viewed from the top.

When working in a scene that has the axis set to 22.5, all is well when working from the top view. If i want to work on elevation details, when i select, “front,rear,side,side” the view is always from the main/first axis. It will not view the front of my project from the axis in the scene I have saved.

Any ideas?


Hi Chris,
I approach this type of problem using the Position Camera tool after creating a guideline perpendicular to the desired elevation with the Protractor tool. Once you have your guideline, select the Position Camera tool and trace the guideline towards your elevation. Next save your scene.

There are some good videos on YouTube for this subject as well.

Let me know if my answer helps you.

You can also right-click on a face and then click on Align View:

One thing to understand is that the standard view alignment is not tied to the axes. The standard views are fixed. The default axis alignment for the front view, for example, is solid blue up, solid red running to the right from the origin, and solid green running into the distance. You can change that orientation but you can’t change the standard views. You can set up scenes with your own view orientations and use them instead of the standard views.


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