Orientating elevations


Hi Everyone,

I have an interesting interior design project on the go, which is an ‘arced’ house built from a central point .

I have drawn most of the conceptual cabinetry and provided renderings in 3d using Twilight, but I need to also produce formal elevations of each area for the builders etc.
As most of the walls are curved and none of the elevations are on the standard X & Y axies, is there anyway of orientating the axies for each separate area?

groundfloor concept 5 09.10.18 RE ALIGNED ISLAND UNIT.pdf (507.4 KB)


Check this recent thread for a simple native solution or the extention mentioned at the end by @ChrisDizon


Here’s a model demonstrating the method described by @g.h.hubers

Align View.skp (2.5 MB)


along with all the other tips, you can also go to parallel projection > select a surface and then use the "align view " feature. In a curved wall scenario, you will want to expose the hidden geometry first so you can select the wall section you wish to align to.


That’s perfect!

Thanks, Chris.