Less expensive pro license for old versions


I am working on a commercial project which requires illustrations of certain models in various views. I need a handful of models in various views (left, right, iso, etc.) in white with black edges. For example, I’d like to refer to the side of a car model to draw my interpretation of it.

The license, even with a $100 discount, is quite high for what I would use it for, especially if it’s less than a day’s use.

Is there an option for less expensive pro license at the cost of using an old, outdated SketchUp Pro? Like SketchUp Pro 8?

I don’t need support, nor updates. It’s a one-time project that is extremely basic. I will continue to use Make for personal projects, if need be.



for commercial stuff you might use alternatively browser-based SketchUp Shop for U$ 199.-/Year.


That’s interesting!

For SketchUp Shop, do you know if I can set up a camera in different angles to view models? E.g. Parallel projection in tilts 20°,30°, 60° etc.?


I think the developers want to get people off the old versions, where old bugs still persists. Also there is no benefit for a software company to sell older versions to a discount. It’s not like a physical item where the store wants to get rid of old stock to give space for what’s new.


I don’t think SketchUp has ever had a native way to input a camera angle. SketchUp Shop does not support extensions, so you can’t go that route. However, you can just rotate the model by the required angle to get the same effect.


Thanks for replying.

In the Pro Trial, I can see the camera tilt in the bottom left, and simply press Up or Down to adjust.

In Make or SketchUp web, perhaps there’s a way to at least have a reference to snap on as I orbit the camera in left/parallax projection view? Example: if I added multiple lines at different angle increments (15,30,45, etc.) is there a way to utilize that as a workaround?


You can use the manual method. This gif isn’t very good because the web layout isn’t so good for catching some things.
Basically you can use an array of edges at any angle or height to set up your camera angles and create scenes for the view.
I hope this make a bit of sense.


That GIF was extremely helpful, thanks!

I needed to tilt the camera down onto the object, so I set up a vertical line and then rotated it “sideways” at different angles. The Position Camera drag really helped because I could click and drag like you did in the GIF down the line to get my own parallel projection angles.

With your GIF and Sketchup3D_de’s suggestion of SketchUp Shop, I think I have enough to patch my basic needs together and still honor the commercial license requirement.

Thanks a lot!