Isometric view

@Mark, in SketchUp Free I see the four icons for isometric views from above. (in the Views window).
In Search I set up a shortcut key (in my case [Shift][4] ), expecting to be able to get any of the eight possible isometric views, so also from beneath.
Thing is, this option through search (with or without a shortcut key) always returns the latest isometric view I used, irrespective of the quadrant I am / the camera is currently in. This is unlike the desktop version of SketchUp.
IMO SketchUp should respect the quadrant for isometric views, (whether being in Parallel or in perspective mode).

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SketchUp desktop uses the closest isometric view to the current view, and having the same functionality in Web would only make sense. Doesn’t even have to be exposed in the sidebar; searching and using shortcuts is enough. (And I need to report how much I like the shortcuts!)

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