Sketchup for Schools: Isometric view won't change in scenes

Once one of the isometric views have been selected (the diagonal houses in scenes), none of the other ones will select. If I manually rotate, it still won’t go to the indicated corner (back left, back right for example) unless I rotate into that ‘zone’.

So effectively, all the isometric views only snap to the nearest one.

Can you say what browser you are using? I seem to be able to use those views ok.

Capture d’écran 2023-09-08 à 18.21.39

I just tried in firefox, same. in both parallel and perspective, once you click a corner view, they all give the same result.

trying in safari…

the screen will slightly jump (the viewport will shift), but same point of view, both parallel and perspective

edit - I checked on mac. grad is on pc. trans-OS bug?

Thanks, I see the issue now. I was testing on Mac, so tried on PC as well. Both show the issue. I will let the team know.

The isometric icons from whatever corner you select all show the same isometric view from the current quadrant your view is in. This is unlike how it used to be: one could choose between one of the four corner icons and then get the expected quadrant isometry. And looking from below one could get the other four isometric views.