Isometric view problems

I’m currently in the process of trying to learn how to get a perfect isometric perspective in SketchUp.
Parallel projection combined with ISO perspective didn’t really work, however this tutorial did.
Problem is, instead of being able to stay in the perspective set with the cube and move my camera through the scene, everything outside of this cube is somehow “hidden”? I can make other shapes appear but only by panning the camera around, and around the edges of my camera models still stay partially hidden.
(apologies if this sounds very jumbled, I haven’t used SketchUp in quite a while…)
I’m sure there’s an easy way to remedy this, I’m just not sure why this is actually happening. It only happens when I enter the scene I did with the help of that tutorial.

You are showing what is called Clipping because your camera is too close to the model.
Set the camera to Perspective and hit Zoom Extents. Then set it back to Parallel Projection and set up the view.

Oh, thank you so much! Now it works perfectly! Not sure what I did there, but now the perspective works as intended.

Good. Keep in mind that you should do your modeling in Perspective and use Parallel Projection mainly for export.

And for a quick way to set up a scene for the Iso view, start with a cube, draw diagonals to create a face on the inside as shown, below. Then set the camera to Parallel Projection and align the view.

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