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Hello sketchup community I have a big model and I’d like to do a 3D axonometric of it. I have podium but I wanted to ask you guys would I be able to do it on podium and render it and if so how would I do this? I’ve never done axonometrics on sketchup but I definitely would like to explore it and learn. Would you recommend I do anything?

If it’s axonometric’s you’re after, the camera angle is not suitable / correct. If I recall correctly there are some extensions to help with that.

Podium is a great tool, simple to use and doesn’t take too long to produce an image. I’m sure you’ll get a lot of mileage from it.

You would also probably want to consider buying your Pro licence since that seems to be commercial work you’re doing with the Make version (read the licence agreement, which you agreed to / accepted upon installation).

This is a good question because most people mean a true perspective image when they use the words 3D, whereas an axonometric (like isometric) is a term used for a non-perspective image. Axo and iso drawings used to be used as a simple way of getting a “sort of” perspective view of something without all the faff of setting up vanishing lines.

“3D axonomteric” is therefore an oxymoron, but I suspect what you mean is just a perspective top view with cutaway. Exactly what you show.

This is actually school work I am doing not commercial use but yes I would like to render it top view with the ceiling cut what should I use in terms of extensions and how should I tackle the rendering part of it?

SketchUp can do the kind of parallel projection views where the projection angle is perpendicular to the picture plane, like in isometric views (there is a button for that in the standard views toolbar). What SU cannot do is oblique views where the projection is at an angle to the picture plane. Schools keep these on the curriculum to tease their students.

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Oh? Can’t it?

No. There is no way to adjust the angle of the projection rays. Placing a horizontal section plane, aligning your view to it and selecting parallel projection produces a standard Plan view. No way to make it into a plan oblique view like this (drawn in 2D):

On the contrary, a standard isometric view comes “with the push of a button”:

See also Axonometric projection - Wikipedia

Look to the top menus

Camera > Standard Views > Top
Camera > Parallel Projection … or … Perspective (Depending upon what you want)
Camera > Zoom Extents … Then use the Zoom Tool , not the scroll wheel, to adjust position and FOV

Here’s a handy tool to help control image aspect ratio:

Eneroth Viewport Resizer — Extension Warehouse

Appart from being able to rotate your model in space.


One limitation of Podium is that it can’t render SketchUp section cuts. If you want to render such a view you have to either:

  • Edit your model’s geometry with a physical cut through it (or a copy of your model) - or -
  • Build the model with parts that can be hidden so you can see in.

I can’t tell for sure, but your model looks like the latter.

If you want the sun streaming through the windows, but not through the now nonexistent roof, you have to create what photographers call a flag like so:

Podium output:

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Not true in SketchUp. The three angles are interdependent. You are showing perspective views. When a cube’s one side is parallel to your screen, in SU’s parallel projection, you cannot see any of the other sides.

And how come all X edges ar parallel on screen, all Y edges are parallel on screen and all Z edges are parallel on screen (and vertical). with the right angles you could even make each of these axes to scale. That doesn’t sound as being perspective.

This is exactly how I want to show it to scale of course so if I hide my ceiling select top view and perspective can I do something like this? Iso can also work where its 60 30 angle but I would like it to be rendered as such so that it looks good. Also I won’t need to add lighting since I’m rendering with the roof opened and sun correct?

wait SU has a parallel projection style?

SU has a parallel projection camera (you select it in the Camera menu).

Looking straight down on a plan section or straight in on a vertical section produces a one point perspective which can be “to scale” at one particular plane in space. In fact, back in hand drafting days, that’s how you quickly generated one; lay trace over the plan or section and start projecting lines out. You could make the base floor plane to scale for example, but everything above or below that plane is then not to scale. I’m not sure how you can force this condition in SU, however.

You can render it with the sum pouring in through the roof if you like it that way. Depends on that you like and what you’re trying to show.

eneroth axonometric projection plugin

I would do it in LayOut by overlaying two SketchUp views: a scaled floor plan and a one-point perspective and by scaling the latter to fit.

Tig has produced an old ruby script to produce ISO and AXOnometric views of your model.

Check it out - [Plugin] Axo + Iso View v1.2 20101117 • sketchUcation • 1

Hope this helps