Is this a scene manager Bug?


When you have lots of scenes when making CDs and the tabs disappear off the end a dropdown list appears…which is great.
However if you change the order of the scenes in the tabs via the scene organisers that your most used ones appear like all layers off or all layers on or working scene… the order does not update unless you close and reopen the file…

A bug?? or a feature??

Might be a OS-related bug, I do not see this on a Windows-machine (there is not a dropdown, but two navigation arrows)

What is different about your test versus my video, where the tabs do seem to update. They update in the drop down list as well:

Yeh …mine were doing that as well until I got too many to fit across the screen and then a pop down appeared at the right hand side so I was using that.Then I decided to move the scene order around so the ones I used most were at the start but the order changed in scene manager and the pop down list but not across the top in the tabs

I had made my test long enough to get that menu, and changes I made were showing up in the tabs and in the list.

I see one imperfection, in that if you use the menu as if you’re going to change scenes, but you end up not changing scenes, the current scene tab isn’t highlighted. But otherwise it seems to be working.

Do you have away to do a screen recording?

I had a crash and a reboot and now it seems to be working as it should.

Happy to hear that. I mean, not about the crash bit, though it seems to have helped!

further update it happened again whilst I was adding scenes and moving them about the order list note…W8 missing from the tab in the screenshot

closing the file and reopening it fixes it

It seems that adding a scene while having the tab, doesn’t update the scene tabs in the bar.

The scene isn’t even there (in the bar), the only thing that’s being highlighted is the tab with the button down:
Watch if you push the last made scene all the way up (before the first):

A save doesn’t help, only reopening, then, the scene is in the right position in the bar.