Scene manager not fully reacting on keyboard navigation

When navigating the Scene manager Scene List by keyboard (up/down), the properties-section below is not updated.

In the Screenshot above i clicked on the Scene
2D Grundstück. Then i went with the down arrow to
2D Grundbuch.
Next i moved with TAB to the Include in animation checkbox.
All the property-values are still from the former secene, but hitting space will actually affect the current scene, highlighted in gray…

So, the bug is, that keyboard navigation of the list does not update the shown properties below the list…

Click a Scene
1x up/down key to go to a different scene
2x TAB to go to Name:
2x SHIFT TAB to go back to scene-list

error message “Scene names must be unique”

True, because the properties reflect those of the active scene page.

Navigating with up and down does not by itself change the active page, it only selects the item in the list.

If you wish to change the active scene page via keyboard,
use the PAGEUP or PAGEDOWN keys.
(Early in SketchUp history scenes were called pages.)

Dan, you seem to misunderstand.
I am not looking for a way to navigate scenes.
I report a bug when using the scenes-tray via keyboard vs. using it via mouse.
Am i unclear in the report above? Or did you read only the title?

Depends on what you mean by ACTIVE SCENE:
Pencil or Blue highlight?

Selecting different scenes via (single)Click, the properties will update, but the active scene (modeling area) stays the same.
Selecting different scenes via up/down keys will not.
Selecting different scenes via DOUBLEClick will select that scene for modeling.

In the screenshot:
Active for modeling (pencil)
Active in Scenes-tray (blue) last secene, but Name from 2nd last scene.

Also, try this:
click on one scene,
cursor up/down,

Error about unique scene-name
need to klick a different scene-tab to get rid of the message popping up again.

Pencil denotes the current active scene page in the model.

Blue hilight is the selected scene in the the list only.

okay, I believe you. It is bugged.

And even worse. The descriptions from selected scenes get copied to the other scenes weirdly when the arrow keys are used.

So dan, to post here with the bug tag seems to be the official way to report bugs, but is that really the case? don’t they have a bugtracker, where one could search for existing/confirmed bug reports, prior to going into the work of a detailed report here?
Also, i have not yet seen a post with bug tag, where a trimble employee states confirmed/denied.
Or a page with a more detailed description of their bug-reporting policy.
In contrast, the bug-splash tool they use is quite nifty, something i have not yet seen in other software.

They have a bug tracking database, but it has never been available to the public in any form. Occasionally you will see a Trimble employee confirm that something is in the database, but that’s all.

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I wish it were so.[quote=“sirtet, post:5, topic:37198”]
In contrast, the bug-splash tool they use is quite nifty, something i have not yet seen in other software.

Yes, that is BugSplat!, it is a 3rd-party company.