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Suppose this truly is a bug, should not the OP get the proper Badge?
Another User had reported a bug which got filed and numbered and all, but did not get a badge, in fact, there are only 5 forum users with that badge:

Bug Catchers

Bug Catcher badge on SketchUp Community

  • Shouldn’t these guy’s ought to fix them, after the catch?

So, when is a bug ‘catched’ ? @SketchUp_Moderator

That could be a misunderstanding. There exist a lot more custom badges that are not actually granted by the forum software. Some are insider groups. I understand it that bug catcher’s daily job is catching bugs.

But as you mention it, you also touch an interesting question:
Should there be an official way to report bugs (public bug tracker)?
Currently the bug tracker is internal, and only Ruby API bugs are collected publicly.

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Ok, perhaps I miss the Bug Catcher part, being it part of a closed group or something.

Regarding bugs, I can think of three ‘levels’:

  • Bug Reporter. (Typically a user who spotted or experienced ‘buggy’ behavior)
  • Bug Catcher. Someone who can reproduce a bug for further investigation.
  • Bug Splasher. A member of the development team who has nailed it down and fixed it in a (maintenance) release.

I have seen other (Discourse) forums where there is no Bug Catcher, but a Bug Reporter, in stead.

What @Aerilius said!