SU Bugsplat Crash

I have been suffering from Bugsplat for quite a while now, how do I go about it, i have uninstalled and installed the program severally, I use sketchup pro 2022

What operating system? You put “2022” as the answer in your forum profile but that doesn’t answer the question.

Have you been sending in the Bug Splat reports with something that identifies they came from you?

i haven’t sent to anyone

Why not? If you send the Bug Splat reports in, there’s some hope of identifying what is causing them. Without them there’s no point in even asking why they are occurring.

That means i should send reports when the error appears

If you want help getting the problem solved, yes!

Please correct your forum profile, too. There’s no reason for putting incorrect information in it.

how do i do that, i am new here

Do what? Fix your profile? Click onthe M in the brown circle at the top right corner of the forum page. Click on the person icon, then the gear icon, and edit your profile to indicate the correct operating system and add other information that might be helpful.

I have done it please check

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Yes. Thank you.

The next time you experience a bug splat send the report with your e-mail address and name. Then come back to this thread and share the report number so someone on the SketchUp team can take a look and help to identify what caused it.

ok but the name, which of it will it be?

What do you mean?

You said i should always include the name.

Your name. In the Name field of the Bug Splat report.

I also wrote:

The name and the number will allow the report to be tracked back to you.

ok thanks

I will close the other topic, where you give the bugsplat number of #303096.

SketchUp seems to be having trouble working out which version of OpenGL you are using. Can you go into the Nvidia settings and check to see if your NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 is set to be the GPU SketchUp will use, rather than your Intel(R) Iris(R) Xe Graphics?

I’m not expert on the Nvidia control panel, if you can’t find where that setting is, someone here will know where to look.

There seems to be two versions of the Nvidia control panel. On my desktop computer it looks like what @RLGL shows. On my laptop the setting is easier to find:

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Very interesting, good to know!