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The above Thread is about a bug i reported, and it was answered that the bug is now filed with a number.
In other cases i seen bugs fixed after direct communication with staff after bug-splat reports, and others, where the bug report was never answered at all…

Well, i make notes of all the bugs i ran into, and try to avoid running into them time and again.
I wish there was a way to check/track if they still exist or if i can forget about them…
I guess there is no such thing currently?
Current options are not very appealing: I can try to recreate the bug-situation, read release-notes, or maybe, write to support…

I would propose some workflow where one could follow/subscribe to bug-numbers.
I guess that would also increase community- activity around bug-reporting, because it’s much more satisfying to see a reported bug fixed, than just report and never know if it’s fixed or even appreciated.
There could also be batches here in the forum for bug-reporting, and maybe for “reported bug fixed”…

What do you think, Trimble?

Reporting bugs

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