Layout 2021 Bugsplat on Exiting


Just a query really to see if anyone else has experienced Layout 2021 Bugsplatting on Exit.

It does not do it every time and seems random.

I close the file I’m working on, then Exit Layout. It seems to exit fine, and then the Bugsplat Dialogue will appear. I have completed it and sent it in. When asked to describe what I was doing when the problem occurred, I state that I was ‘Exiting Layout’.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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I’ve had this a few times but not enough to bother me too much…


We did find an odd bug in LO for windows that is creating the bugsplat on closure. This might be the issue you are experiencing.
The team is diving into the issue and hopes to have a fix relatively soon.


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Cheers @ChrisDizon

Does sound like what is happening. Fingers crossed it gets sorted soon.

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not sure, but this seems to happen mostly (always?) when I’ve left my PC for sometime and come back to it and not done anything with the open file(s) and then closed Layout down

My version is 2021 now with no Maintenance any more . just started using again after a few months, had 3-4 bug splats in very very simple models. If I subscribe is the version more reliable. What is the basis for bug fixes how many reports before Trimble provides a repair. I am in Australia we have consumer laws which require suppliers to fix or refund. please advise

If you have a license for 2021, you are entitled to minor updates, which might contain the bugfix for this issue, eventually. When there is a major version release (say 2022), you need to subscribe because you can no longer prolog the ‘classic’ maintenance anymore.

Or keep working with the 2021 version ‘as is’.

‘as is’ meaning, you agreed upon using the software ‘as is’, which is stated in the EULA, which is signed and thus agreed upon the first startup.

Be aware that bugfixes are only implemented in the current versions, older versions remain ‘as is’

It helps to send the bugsplat reports. The developers need the data.

You might wanna contact them and discuss.
(Note: if you bought directly from, I do not know the legal implementations and above all, you might get stuck in a ‘catch 22’ for not getting support because you’re maintenance is expired.)
But then again, you did get enough time to evaluate and should elaborated on the value of the product in an earlier stage, perhaps?

I was sick last year when these “offers” were made. It does not say that even the "Community " help is closed to non subscribers . VERY BAD MARKETING

There is no formal distinction between subscribers and non-subsribers on this forum.