BugSplat error - SketchUp 2018

Hi everyone - please excuse my SketchUp terminology…or lack of…but, I will try to explain my problem as best I can.

I have been working on a document in SketchUp and LayOut - both 2018. I haven’t had any issues since I created the document a few weeks ago, and then for some reason, there was one page in particular (in LO) that when I tried to view it, caused the document to close and a BugSplat appeared. The page has two views in it, of two different scenes in the SU document. Actually - they’re the same scene, just with different Styles.

I can view every other page, so I decided to start a new LO document, copy and paste all of the pages that I could view, and then recreate the page I needed. However, the program crashes again once I try and view the two scenes in question.

I received this message when I sent the error report:

We have determined this to be related to rotating within the SketchUp model view and we are working on a fix.

It’d be great if someone from Trimble does get back to me, but I am very time poor and need to finalise this document ASAP.

I just want to know what the problem is within the SU document and fix it.

Any suggestions on what I should do?

Happy to share the document if it will help and if someone can advise the best way to do this (due to size).

Thanks in advance.

Hi Ashlee, I expect the problem you are seeing is due to your modifying the scenes in LO. I’d be happy to take a look at your LayOut file and help you get this sorted out. Since it is too large to upload, you can upload it to Drop Box and share the file. If you’d prefer to not make the file public, send the link to me in a PM.

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