Layout gives Bugsplat every time I open a certain file

I am drawing my new garden in Sketchup Layout. When I was finished with version 1 I saved the file. Now I want to make some changes to the drawing. But when I open the file (recent file or via finder) layout not opens and gives a bugsplat.
Does somebody know what to do?
Thanks for your help!

I’ve seen a few cases in which LayOut would crash when trying to open an existing file. The culprit in each of those cases was found to be a component or components that had been added to the associated Sketchup model from the 3D Warehouse. The solution was to remove the component from the model, save the changes and update the reference in LayOut.

Thank your for your reply.
I removed al the components from the 3D warehouse out of the 3D model.
But how can I update the reference in LayOut? I always do that after opening the LayOut file. But I can’t open the file.

Will it open at all?

Can you share the LO file and the revised version of the SKP file?

LO opens, but when I open the file (recent file tab or directly via finder) LO crashes and gives a bugsplat.

Either there’s a problem with permissions or Drive in general but I’m unable to download your files. Try using Drop Box instead.

I have the files in dropbox:

If you wait for a while after sending in the Bugsplat, you’ll see this message from Trent:

We have determined this crash to be an exisitng file containing a corrupt path (the path has only 1 point). We made an update with LayOut 2019 to fix these types of corrupt paths on open except when that corrupt path is contained within a Scaled Drawing.

We will repair it and send it back to you as soon as possible. -
You may email me the file -

Sorry for the inconvenience

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Thanks for sending the file Lukas,
The file has been fixed and I have just sent an email with the file.

Please let me know if you run into any other files that give you issues.


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