SU Bugsplat when closing model

I’ve been having this problem for a while now that when I open a model and start working on them after some time when I close the model it produces a bugsplat, the bugsplat only happens when closing and once the model has started with that it remains like that till I copy it to a new model, even if I just open the model and close without doing anything it gives a bugsplat. any ideas on what could be wrong?

Thanks in advance

Can we assume you are submitting the bugsplats to Trimble with identifying info so they can get back to you?

Yes, so far I have submitted every bugsplat including contact info

Are you executing any interesting fancy extensions or plug-ins during the session? I suppose not, given your comment about open and close. But I ask because it is possible for extensions to crash the program. I’ve encountered one or two which routinely crash when quitting out of SketchUp (some versions of MS Physics, as I recall).

Another thought: when you installed SketchUp, did you right-click on the installer EXE and choose “Run as Administrator” to perform the install? Performing the installation as a normal user account, or even when logged into the Administrator account, is not equivalent to Run as Administrator. Various subtle and not-so-subtle problems can occur when SketchUp is improperly installed. If you aren’t sure or did not, I think you can re-run the installer EXE (using Run as Administrator this time) and choose “Repair”.

No, it starts randomly even when just using native tools. good point though, I remember I’ve installed some plug-ins lately and I just deleted some of them this morning so hopefully that solves the issue. I will post an update once I know what it was.

Yes I did.

OK, then I hope that the bugsplat reports are useful to the SketchUp development team in figuring out the cause!