Send to LayOut from SUP 2016 32-bit BugSplat

Trying to work in LayOut on my computer but it crashes when I send to LayOut from SketchUp. If I open up LayOut without trying to send my model to it, it kind of idles, does not let me click anywhere and forces me to use task manager to close it down. I have tried a few of the older graphic drivers and I also uninstalled 64-bit and reinstalled as 32-bit, but still having issues. Any help is much appreciated. I am running windows 8.1 and have an AMD FirePro V4900 graphics card.


Did you install SketchUp as administrator?

As far as I am aware, yes. But I another reinstall couldn’t hurt so I will give that another try.

Yeah the reinstall as an admin didn’t change anything. Still cannot use LayOut at all.

@Mikes3DModels , Please submit the BugSplat under your email address and PM me when it done…