Bug Splat - just experienced a LayOut crash

Can someone from SketchUp / LayOut tell me what just caused the LayOut crash I experienced? I have a similar crash somewhat often, when I’m rendering models.

Hi Nate, it’s not a good idea to put all those email addresses on a public forum.
Bots roam the internet for personal information, and not for good reasons…
You can remove them by editing your post.
The people from SketchUp who visit the forum can reach you via direct message and ask for more information if needed.

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Can you confirm whether it is LayOut 2021, and did you send in any of the bugsplats that occurred? I don’t see any from you under the email addresses you showed.

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SketchUp Pro Version 22.0.354 64-bit - I forgot to update my profile. I clicked Send Report or whatever version of that button existed.

You would need to fill in your email address on the bugsplat for the SketchUp people to know it’s coming from you…

That doesn’t mean you get a solution via mail though… It’s for when they have additional questions about what you were doing before and during the bugsplat!

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Ok thank you for the info… the pop-up said I could reach out on the forum for help so I thought it would be worth a try.

I meant the bugsplat is more for troubleshooting on SketchUp’s side…
You are right that the forum is a good place to find solutions!
It’s just hard to find answers with so little information…
You would have to provide us with as much relevant information as you can.
Or if it happens again with the same file, you could share it here for people to investigate what could be wrong.

You say rendering models, tell us a bit more about that. Are you manually pushing the render button for a specific viewport? Is it vector rendering or hybrid or raster. How big are your SketchUp files, can you upload a layout file that crashes. You may need to use Dropbox or the like to share.

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Thank you for your interest in helping out. It is when I manually push the render button for either a specific viewport or to render all models on the page. When I render them in raster it rarely crashes; it crashes when they are in vector. Here is one of my layout files that tends to crash.

Margolskee - 9_2_22.layout (777.8 KB)

It is a possibility your workflow is the root of the crash. This is one for @DaveR to advise as to the cause.

I’m not seeing any issues with Vector rendering any of the viewports in this file on my computer. I do see some viewports in which the Camera properties have been modified from the scene’s camera properties. That’s not really good practice for projects you would need to go back to but that shouldn’t cause any Bug Splats. There’s really no reason you should have any of the viewports here showing modified Camera properties. I also notice that you have dimensions that aren’t connected to the model. Maybe that’s intentional but you’ll want to watch those if the dimensions in the model change. You’ll have to go in and manually fix them.

FWIW, I reworked the right hand viewport on the last page. The Camera properties are unmodified and the dimensions are connected to the model so changes in the model will carry over and won’t wreck the viewport.

It doesn’t crash most of the time.

Sometimes it crashes and then continues to crash until I don’t open the file for a while and only render a viewport when I’m zoomed into a corner.

I figure something must just be hitting a limit in my computer’s capabilities.

Where are you storing the file? It might be a network or cloud storage issue.

I’m storing it on google drive for desktop. I can try saving it locally and see if that affects the performance. I tried saving files locally before but it’s a potential source for confusion and losing files, when I can’t remember if I’m working off the local one or the cloud one, and when I can’t remember if I updated all the files appropriately. Haven’t figured out how to get an update for the meat computer (brain) yet.

Saving and working on files locally will always be more stable, since you take variations in your internet connection out of the equation.

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In addition to what @Sonder has stated, storing to a non-local drive greatly increases the risk of file corruption and loss of your work, of which there are numerous instances mentioned here in the forum.


Buckminster Dutch Doors - 8_17_22.layout (978.4 KB)
Backup of Buckminster Dutch Doors - 8_17_22.layout (982.0 KB)

I saved this onto my local computer while I was working on it and it crashed while trying to render all the models on the first page.

It’s playing nicely for me.