Is there a way to copy scenes into new model?

I would like to copy scenes that I created in a different model into my new model. How can I do that?

You can use the Advanced Camera Tools extension to create camera objects from your views and then copy and paste in place into other models.

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To quickly copy the camera view to other models there is also this useful plugin.

Some scene info would be unique to a model, so I don’t think it would be possible to transfer all scene info into a new model, but there are a few other plugins that make working with scenes more efficient depending on what you are trying to do. Worth looking into on the extension warehouse.

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thanks for your help!

Depending on where you are in your design process you can also create Templates with scenes pre-defined so you’re always creating new models with the same set of scenes and relative settings as well.


thanks for your help!

Is there anything nice and simple, similar to the PageExIm.rb that would export/Import ALL your already set scenes between SKP files? It won’t work in 2015. I did see Viewsaver, but it only restores one view at a time, then you have to save the scene in the new DWG. I’m currently just saving the files to SU8 so I can use PageExIm. I’m sure there is an easier way.

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Contact Smustard to inquire about an update for PageExIm for 2005.

This user suggested eneroth, which I use with 2014. I haven’t tried in
with 2015.

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To quickly copy the camera view to other models there is also this useful

I´m quite new in this forum but I have been using SU for some years and I´m not quite sure if I understood your dilemma? But here is how I managed to copy a model to another project. I just had two SU windows open at the same time. In the other window had the model and the other was empty, so I selected the model and copied it and then pasted it on the other window and so the model was at the same time in two projects. Hope this was what you was wondering “the easier way”?

I made an extension just for this. The extensions copy both camera locations, visible geometry, axes etc.

Thanks! It’s fantastic!

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Hi all,
the eneroth camera memory Plugin is great but is there a way to additionaly import not only the cameraposition and field of view but also the “pan parameters” of a scene from one skp file to another?

If you are referring to 2 point perspectives it isn’t supported by the SketchUp API.