Importing skp into another skp

Hi, is it possible to import a SketchUp file into another SketchUp file including the scenes/camera views?

Any help is most appreciated. Thanks!

Importing a SKP file into another only brings in the model and layers, if there are any, but not scenes. There are some extensions that can copy scenes from one file to another. I believe Eneroth3 has one in the Extension Warehouse.

Wow, what a quick reply. Thanks Dave!
Will do check it out.

Just call me Flash. :smiley:

Eneroth View Memory is the name of the extension I was thinking of. Not free but if it does what you’re needing done and your time has any value, it’ll pay for itself in a few minutes.

Thanks so much! :grinning:
I actually have a followup question on this issue, thought you’d may know.
In case I did manage to import a scene to my skp from the other skp -

Would it be possible to apply the imported scene on an existing scene?
I mean applying the exact camera angle on other objects in my model, based on the camera angle of the imported scene?

Many thanks!

I’m not quite sure I follow what you’re trying to do. What are the objects in your model? Do they have specific locations in the model space or could they be anywhere? One option would be to make multiple scenes from the same camera position with the different objects in the same location using layers to control which object is visible for each scene.

Ok, I see what you mean. In my model the location is not important at all, but the objects are composed of many geometries and components, some of them are amorphous.

Following your reply, I guess it’s not a bad idea :bulb: to simply relocate objects to the location of the objects of the desired scene. :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:

The location would have to be precise though, otherwise the relocated object would be displayed different under the same scene.
Is it possible to check the precise position of the center of an object? (x,y,z)
And then relocate another object into this specific position?

Yes. You can use the text tool on an endpoint or intersection to get the coordinates. If overall location of the objects isn’t critical, I’d center them all on the origin since that’s a fixed point in space that’s easily identified. If you have some point in each "object that you can grab with the Move tool, you can start moving the selected entities and then type [0,0,0] and hit Enter. That will move the selection so the point you grabbed is located at the origin. Of course you could enter any other coordinates you want instead of the origin. I would suggest that you make sure you have no ungrouped/un-component-ed geometry to make sure you don’t wind up with unwanted merging of the geometry. Also ensure you are using layers correctly keeping all edges and faces on Layer 0 and only assigning groups and components to other layers.

Thanks a lot, I’ll try that!

Good luck. Just make sure you’re keeping your model clean. That’ll ensure it’s easier to work with.

If you felt the need to create separate SKP files for each object, you could create a template with a scene established for the view and then model the object in the right location. Or, you could create the first model with the appropriate view and create the scene. After saving it, delete the groups and components, purge unused and create the next model making sure to use Save as… instead of just Save.

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How about ‘Speedy’, then?

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Great idea, I was kinda thinking the same but wasn’t sure about it. Thanks so much for these comments!

It was a great idea Dave, thanks for that!

I’ve found out that if I open both SKP files (on different windows) and select an object in one of them -
Copying this object and pasting it on the other window makes it already orbited & oriented in a way that it fits to the existing scene.
[The location is up to the user’s choice]

So apparently it’s a fairly good solution to use the file with the desired scene/camera view as a basis, and have the desired object (from the other SKP file) copied into it. The object will automatically adjust itself to this scene! :smiley:

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