Free Option to Copy Camera from one Document to Another?


I was wondering if anyone had any extension recommendation to copy scenes/camera from one SU file to another. Thanks.

To copy camera position from File A to another file, one possibility that I see:

1 - Copy File A and call the copy File C.

2 - In file C, select all then delete. File C is now empty but still contains the camera setting from File A.

3 - Open File B.

4 - Select all and then copy the selection.

5 - Go to File C and then Paste in place. Now, File C contains the model from File B and the camera settings of File A.

Another possibility that I see:

1 - Copy File A.

2 - Call the copy File C.

3 - Delete all as in previous procedure. This new file contains only the camera settings of File A.

4 - Import File B into File C. The imported model will be a component and will have a handle that you can snap at the axes origin.

5 - If required, explode the imported component.

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Yea, this is what I am trying to avoid, specially with very big models which take minutes to delete, copy, and paste. Multiply this for multiple times a day, multiple days of the week… and you get a terrible workflow.

Maybe this is what you are looking for:

I believe that one is not free?

Yes, it seems to be $20, … but for all the work put into it!


I understand that the Sketchup extension you mentioned requires a payment of $20. I appreciate the effort and work put into developing it, but I was specifically looking for a free alternative. I apologize if I gave the impression that I didn’t value the developer’s work. I completely understand that creating and maintaining extensions takes time and resources.

I was hoping to find a free solution since the functionality I’m seeking seems like something that could be included as a native feature in Sketchup. I believe that having the ability to copy camera settings between files is an essential feature that would greatly enhance the usability of the software.

I’ll certainly consider reaching out to the Sketchup development team to express my interest in this feature and suggest it as a potential addition to future updates. In the meantime, if you come across any free alternatives or know of any other resources that might help with this specific camera copying functionality, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for understanding my perspective.

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I feel your pain, a moonroof is available for the model car I have from the dealer and I wanted them to throw it in. However they wanted $1500. to install it due to the work that was put into building and installing it.
There is no free lunch!

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How is your analogy relevant?

I have already mentioned it in the title, so there is no need to discuss it further. There is no point in suggesting things that the original post explicitly asked not to include. Your contribution does not add anything meaningful to the thread.

There are numerous free extensions available for Sketchup, so in this case, having a free alternative is not crazy. However, more importantly, I am not referring to a moonroof, but rather an essential feature that should be inherently included in any 3D software, especially if it is used collaboratively in fields like architecture. These fields require input from multiple individuals and involve multiple design iterations that often rely on defined viewpoints.

A more precise analogy would be purchasing a car only to discover that it doesn’t come with a steering wheel, and you have to pay an additional cost to have it included. :+1:

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I wasn’t judging you. I knew you were looking for a free solution and unfortunately overlooked the $20. I then just mentioned that the extention might be worth its price. If I come up with an alternative I’ll let you know.

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I was going to ask if you frequently use the same scene views. If you do, could you define these scene views and save them in a template? It seems you’d then have the scenes you need in the working file as well as in the template-to-be-copied-to.

Of course if every scene is custom or non-standard this approach would be a non-starter.

It varies at least once every week. Its not fixed though. Sometimes we output some visuals/diagrams on Tuesday and then on Thursday we need to do some corrections from the same viewpoint. What I mean that it is sporadic, its not like on Monday we can define the views we are going to work on the entire week.

You can copy the values from the camera properties windows (available by typing Sketchup.send_action(10624) into the ruby console, or with thomthom’s camera tools, in the advanced option) and paste them into the other file.

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Hmm. Oops! I posted the same link as a previous poster. This is the companion to that extension. I tested this one and it copies camera position by scene, one at a time:

Eneroth Camera Memory | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

It seems that paying $20 for a plugin that will save you all that work is more than worthy. Think of the hours you have to spend doing as Jean described, and the amount of hours you will be saving using Eneroth’s plugin, now multiply that time you save in a day for the price of your time, $20 dollars is almost nothing. another option is learning to code and program, you can write a code, create a plugin or more that cover your needs, but learning also will take time, that you could spend making more money or enjoying with friends or family. That’s how life works.

I agree, one has to weight in the pros and cons. But I can’t help but feel somehow disappointed and let down by SU’s developer team for not natively incorporating this basic essential feature. Its not exactly the things you realize the program does not have until its already too late.

I am actually at an awkward spot at my job because company does not want to buy any extension and I don’t really wanna buy it for myself if they don’t. So yeah.

I will try the ruby console thingy or maybe thom thoms camera tools extension.


I am actually at an awkward spot at my job because company does not want to buy any extension and I don’t really wanna buy it for myself if they don’t. So yeah.

I sympathise, because I too have to deal with an IT Department/Management who hold the department credit card.

Management are pretty concerned about cyber security and all sorts… So even small extensions need to be shown to be safe and not infringe any I.P., This means, a sort of “business case” is required to be completed. This is not a sure thing, particularly for extensions which require credit card payments for foreign and unsecure locations or have EXE files etc.

The best scenario is that this takes a few hours of our time and we get a response in a couple of weeks approving the purchase of an extension. Sometime, if it’s for a specific project, we need to get client approval as well. I did the math on this a while back and the real cost of finding, purchasing and deploying a straight forward extension purchase was $800 to our company.

Extensions really need to be purchased and supplied via a recognized and legitimate source, like Trimble or an authorised reseller. Unfortunately that’s not how the Extension Warehouse works… it’s just a digital marketplace. And a LOT of extensions arent in the Warehouse.

I wish there were some way to bundle Extension purchases into the Pro subscription cost.
It’s a drama having to go through the process multiple times, as this really puts our team off from using paid extensions. I know we are not alone in this struggle.

I would like to see:

  • All extensions be subscription-based, to match SketchUp Pro. This could reduce the initial price of extensions also…so a $20/perpetual could become a $10/annual price.
  • SketchUp Pro to include the cost of extension renewals with the cost of the subscription, payable to Trimble. We would select which extensions we wish to include in the subscription price.
  • During the calendar year we could install maybe up to $50 worth of new extensions and these get invoiced at the end of the year …if you need more than that and you’d have to top up your subs during the calendar year).

Trimble should collect a fee of 30% or so to become the “app store” supplier… this is better for everyone.