Copy scenes to a new file

Hello everyone,

I made an animation in SketchUp 2019 Pro with many scenes (as cameras) and I would like to use the same scenes (cameras) in a new file. The new file is an update of the file I made the animation with, unfortunately I cannot link the SketchUp file because the one with the many scenes is used together with Enscape.

I could use copy/paste to get the new file in the file with all the scenes but it is huge file and despite I have not tried I do not think the program will allow me to do just that, it will simply crash.

Is it possible to “export” or copy ONLY the scenes/cameras into a new file?

I hope I made myself clear. Regards

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“The plugin can also export scenes to a file with full control over what scenes should be included.”

One option would be to use Save as… to create a new file with the scenes. Then delete your old model content and paste in the new. You might also have a look at Eneroth3’s collection of extensions in the Extension Warehouse. She’s got one that copies views, which mihai.s shared while I was typing…

Thanks for such quick answer : )), I shall try that.

I’ll go back here to comment the result. Regards

If you are going to repeatedly use the same set of camera scenes, perhaps you should set up a template file to use for your projects.


How do I do that?

Never tried to make a template but it sounds great because that is precisely what I would like to do updating the project itself but not the scenes/cameras.

Tip appreciated :grinning:

@ Dave, want to avoid the copy/paste due to the size of the file.

You can make a template from the file you have. Delete the model from it and purge unused components, materials, and layers (Window>Model Info>Statistics>Purge Unused). Then File>Save as template. Give it a new name. Done. If you want it to be the default template, make sure the box for that is checked before saving.

Your new file is too large to copy and paste into the other file? Did you get the extension, then?


@ Dave…extension?, what do you mean?

The file is about 500mb and it takes many minutes when I try copy/paste only some part of the project.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

The one that mihai.s and I mentioned in the first replies to your question and the one he linked to.

How many minutes would it take you to re-establish the scenes manually?

Of course the extension will save you time.

@ Dave, I see, silly me, the extension from enero :flushed:, no, I have not tried, need to convince my boos to buy additional stuff for our software programs.

It takes more than 10 min to copy/paste about 200mb indeed.

The template thing sounds like my best option. One of my colleagues in the office update the file daily but it is me the one that helps with the 3D visualizations, as said, using Enscape for the renders & videos.

Whenever I reach the office again and try the template option I’ll come back here to check the solution box.


How much does your “boos” pay you per hour? Is it cheaper to pay you for 10 minutes every time you need to do this than the $20 the extension costs?

Making a template with the scenes already set up is great for new projects. It won’t help you with the situation you described in your first post, though.

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@ Dave, I think you are right because by making the template I will need to copy/paste the whole thing anyways.

I shall talk to my greedy boss…lol

Thank you all for posting :smile:

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Not sure I comprehend your issue. But, I regularly do small projects (using scenes) for a client, where the animation is not identical - but close - each time, and where the content changes each time. I simply save as, delete the old content, add the new model, and adjust my scenes to suit.

@ splat…the idea is great, the problem is the size of the file to delete, save as & then copy/paste.


I guess the problem has now found a solution. But you could use a 3rd solution, in your rendering setup, you could let everything that has to do with the model be a component, you could then use the reload option at the end of the day and let your machine work while you are not there …to me it is many times better than using copy / paste

I was going to suggest jensdybro method as well. I think it would work best if in your template, you place the component centered on or near the default origin … assuming the focus of the scenes’ cameras are near the origin. That might help reduce issues where a replacement component has a significantly different “footprint”/extents.

It is possible to save a video path within Enscape, its part of the enscape capturing toolbar,
this path can then be loaded in to each model,

Hope this helps

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@ Jens & jc, the Sketchup file cannot be linked because the file is changed on daily basis by a college and it is given a new name (date) every time, so unfortunately the reload cannot be used.

@ Ian, you can save favorite scenes then use them afterwards, there are about 50 cameras/scenes to be used, although I have not tried in Enscape, I do not think you can save those 50 favorite scenes then load them again in a new file…I shall try so.

another strategy for linked assets is to ‘save a copy as’ with the time stamp appended…

it then becomes trivial to check and load updates…