Updating scenes

I have Sketch Up Pro 2017 and having a problem updating my scenes. I create a new scene, update it, and then when I go back to a previous scene it changes to the one I just created. Not sure why this is happening now. I haven’t had problems before. Please help

Look at the Parameters you have selected to save. Likely something you are expecting to save such as camera position is set to not be saved during update.

Can you share the model?

How do I share the model? : )

If it’s 3 Mb or less, upload the SKP file with the Upload button, 7th from the left in the row above the forum reply window.Or upload it to DropBox and share the link. If you’d rather not share it publicly, send it to me in a PM by clicking the prairie dog with the bowler and then “Message”.

Its a big file. I am going to share with dropbox… hold on

Hanging on.


Hopefully that works…

Downloading now. We’ll see.

I need scenes for the model, floorplan, elevations, etc. Each has different layers, etc.

Check your private messages.

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