Proper Animation with existing scenes?



I’ve downloaded a cool plugin for animating my scene, however it seems that it will not work with existing scenes in the file. I know this because I created a new file without scenes, animated the object and it worked fine.

Is it possible to use this plugin with existing scenes? If not, what would an alternative method be for moving objects for animation transitions?

Link to the animation I’ve created in a new file, but want to place in a file with existing scenes: (I’d then move it back to the original location)


I’ve used proper Animation in the past, but not recently.
My guess is you could use/update existing scenes.
That might get rather complicated. I wouldn’t bother becoming too attached to every scene you create.
Simply create an additional series of scenes.
It’s best to use the Scene Manger, not the context menus, to work with them.
Keep the other model managers open so you can see / understand / control what’s saved with the scenes.
Entity Info Box
Styles Browser
Layers Manager … and whatever else is pertinent to your scenes.

Be sure to study the Proper Animation Tutorial.pdf and note the link to further discussion at the bottom.



Would there be a different method of doing this, without the proper animation plugin? I’ve been playing around with it for hours and it seems that one has to start from scratch (no scenes) and then use this… SU seems to crash quite often with this plugin too, other users experience the same problems.

I really don’t want to do that! I’ve seen another plugin for exporting camera angles but again, no luck with this either.



Many here are quite proficient with SU. Few, if any, are very good at reading minds.
We’re here willing to invest our time and effort to help you.
Kindly invest commensurate amounts of your time and effort in describing what you want.

Most likely there’s a relatively simple way to “animate” certain parts of the model.
We can’t help you accomplish your mission unless you tell us what the goal is.



There’s no mind to read here: I posted a video of the animation I’d like to do without having to delete all of my previous scenes. The objective is tom ove one object 3 times. (reverting it to its original position)


As illustrated below, the Video is corrupt … has been since it went up.
At left Chrome — At right Internet Explorer 11



It seems there is is an issue with the embedded link (automatically embedded).

Try right-clicking and opening it in a new tab in Safari or right-liking and copying the URL in Chrome.


Functional Version via YouTube


I see no reason why this cannot be accomplished with the Proper Animation extension.
There’s no requirement to delete all the existing scenes. And even if there was…
When you go to a scene and then immediately add another, the new scene is an exact copy.
It’s rather difficult to lose the scenes you have when there’s an endless supply of copies.