How can I, import 5 or more sketchup files into my new file, all of them as scene

Hi, I want to do this: I opened a new file in sketchup. Now I want to import 5 .Skp files into my new document, every of them as scenes. I want that every .skp file i import to my document to be a scene. It is like a sequence. Why do i want this? Because in every .skp file are the same groups but they are in different position. And I want to import every .skp file as scene in a new document. All of this at same time. Thanks.

First, it sounds like you are working much harder than you need to to accomplish what it seems you are trying to do. It also sounds like you don’t have a real clear understanding of scenes. That said, you should be able to get where you’re headed with what you’ve already done.

In your new model file, create five layers, one for each of the models you are going to import. Then use File>Import to import Model 1. It will import as a component. Assign that component to your Model 1 layer. Position the camera, adjust the style, if needed, and turn off all layers except Layer 0 (which is always to be left as the active layer) and the Model 1 layer. Create a scene to show Model 1. Turn off the Model 1 layer, turn on Model 2 layer, import Model 2 and assign it to the Model 2 layer. Create a new scene. Turn off Model 2 layer, turn on Model 3 layer and repeat.

Thank you, is a good idea. I wanted to know if there is a way that all that process you have described could be done in a simple way. Just one or two clicks.

You could have done it more easily if you’d just kept everything in a single file from the beginning but…