Copy/link properties from another SU file

This is a screen shot from Artlantis Render -

I would love to see a similar option in SU where scenes, materials, geo-location, cameras, etc, could be injected into an existing model.

Alternatively I would like to “lock” some of these options to an advanced template file so that the only way to adjust the ‘locked’ properties/scenes would be to edit the template - all files based on this template would change.

eg. have a material called “Outer Skin” - change it in the master and all models based on it would update.
eg. have a scene set up to look at a specific detail - change the scene to fog out everything beyond that and every other model updates.

You just said it. The template feature does this.

You can import even a template into an existing model as long as it has a cpoint at the least. All it’s materials and scenes should come in. Don’t they ? We used to import layers with specific color settings this way.

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I have one of several startup templates set up with desired properties saved in different scenes. Using the right template any new model can exhibit the needed characteristics. Modifying the properties using the templates is as easy as clicking on a different scene tab.

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I imported a template file into a new file as a test, and the scenes did not import. I can get the scenes by making a new file from the template. I would be great to be able to copy a scene from one file to another.