Is there a secret to inserting SketchUp Models into Office (PowerPoint, Word, etc)?

I have been trying to Export a model that I want Inserted into my PowerPoint, but every time I try, not all of the textures make it , so my model doesn’t have any details.
Does anyone have any experience and guidance they can offer.



What are you using for an export format? If I were going to show my model in Power Point I guess I’d export as .png and insert the image.

I usually take a screenshot and paste it into whatever.

I have been using the .fbx format. (It’s what they recommend on the YouTube videos)

Who is “they”?

No, I think I didn’t explain myself well.
In Office 2019, you can actually insert 3D models, not 2D. It makes for amazing presentations and reports. Check it out.


you probably have painted back faces which .fbx doesn’t show…


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The people at TurtorialsUp.


Some interesting/useful info Microsoft

Did you check for reversed faces as John suggested?

Thanks. Looks like I got some reading to do.

Hi Drew, I did a test with an existing model to .fbx and it worked well for me.

I checked …
Triangulate all faces
Export texture maps
Swap YZ coordinates (Y is up)

Hope this helps.


Sean, thanks.
How did you check and make sure your model met those requirements? ( e.g.- Triangulate all faces, export all textures, etc)

Honestly I didn’t. I’ve seen triangulating the faces work before in other programs in using SU based models so I thought I would try it. Exporting texture maps seemed like an easy choice and swamping YZ was a guess. This was my 1st attempt and it worked for me. This was also a VERY simple model so more complex models might present more challenges for Power Point.

FBX export

On the Export file dialog, at the bottom, if the filetype selected has export options, … the there will be an Options… button to the left of the Export button (which opens the dialog box Sean showed above.)

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First, thanks for your help.

I did open up my SU model and went to the FBX Export Options - I did have the same boxes checked - except for the Triangulate all Faces.

So, I will give it a try and let you know what happens.

For good order sake, I am trying to upload a SU with multiple textures, so that could be the problem. We’ll see.


Thanks Dan, I saw that and I’m “checking” off different boxes to what happens.

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I am about to deep dive into the 3D Office Support Guidelines you shared with me, but I noticed that it pertains to 365. I have 2019, so I wonder if these guidelines are the same.

Yeah a more complex model might behave differently. My model had 3 textures and was pretty simple.

Good luck Drew.