If you have MS Office and SU, can you do a quick test please?

MS Office (Powerpoint, Word and Excel) allow SU models to be inserted into documents for interactive presentations etc.

We are trying to leverage this capability for our clients but the texture colours change dramatically when inserted. I’ve tested on two different Macs using different versions of SU and Office and the OS.

If you are able, could you please import an RGB image into SU, save the model, then insert it into one of the Office apps. Please report back here to say whether the colours have changed. I will then know if the issue is ours or more generalised.

Here are the results I’m getting:

LH side: Model in SU RH side: Same model inserted into Powerpoint

Thanks in advance

Something is definitely getting lost in translation.
This was on a Windows machine with the 2023 version of SketchUp.

Thanks for that. Yes, it would appear at first glance the issue might be Mac related!

Well ! First of all thanks for letting me know about this awesome feature!

This certainly does open up a few interesting workflow possibilities using Powerpoint instead of Layout!!

Second: the answer to your question is:

I’m on PC by the way (win11)

Layout and Office both use a default “global illumination” setting to simulate light/shade and render the image.
You can see how this affects colour/shade when you place a cube of the same color sides into the model.
Sketchup’s can be overridden by selecting these Shadow settings: Light = 0, Dark = 80, Use Sun for Shading = On. Then you can see that rotating a 3d object has no effect on the coloured faces…they are all as per RGB values.

You can prove this by rotating the model within Office…the colours as well as the shading changes.
I used Excel to test.
There’s no question that Office is simplifying the render… SketchUp’s image quality is much “cleaner”.
Office seems to be affecting color more, with a cold hue for face-on images and a warm hue for images facing to the right hand side… dont ask me why!

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Thanks for that. It is indeed a very useful feature (when it works)

I can see what you’re talking about in terms of the lighting, but I’m pretty sure that has no bearing on my example as the hues themselves have changed. Red has become blue and vice versa. Green remains green but much of the yellow has been removed.

I experimented with inverting the colours in Photoshop to see if I could invert them prior to importing into SU, but there didn’t seem to be an easy fix.

I think I’m going to have to go back and look again.

Share your model and i can check it

a long shot, but you could also try Options/Advanced settings adjustments.

And any graphics/display driver settings for Quality vs Performance

In the past I’ve encountered many images that dont display properly in various software, due to some unique compression settings. Have you tried different images to see if the issue goes away?

Yes, of course, here it is.
colour test.skp (946.3 KB)

I don’t know if it’s a Mac thing but I can’t see those advanced settings within any of my Office apps (all up to date).

It looks okay to me. Still a bit “faded” looking.
So it must be a Mac thing.

Interestingly your test showed me that Excel even casts shadows in the 3d space… cool.

Nice photo by the way. I knew a guy who is a photographer for Getty images…talk about a dream job!


So it’s not a Sketchup issue.

Which means it’s either Mac or Office on Mac.

I’ve also discovered what the issue is, just not why it happens.

Of the RGB channels, R and B have been swapped. So what should be red is blue and vice versa.

At least now I can edit the images before importing. It looks wrong in SU but works correctly in Office.

Thanks again

Looking at the screenshots, the issue seems to be mostly with the imported image. One thing that comes to mind: Is the imported image CMYK?

No, it’s RGB (I wasn’t aware you could even import CMYK).

If I switch the red and blue channels in Photoshop prior to importing, the image in SU looks very wrong, but looks correct in Powerpoint et al.

hm, I’ve had a similar issue a couple years ago, not in SU though.

I worked on some flyers and visuals in illustrator, in the end, I exported them in png and uploaded them to a google drive.
Surprise, in the google drive, they had messed up colours, a bit similar to yours.

If I exported non transparent png it was fine, jpg and tiff too, but standard png (with transparence) + google drive upload would be messed up.

out of curiosity, have you tried another file type ? Idk what you used, but say it was a jpg, try with a png or a tiff ? we can see on the photos (Sam’s with the car) that Office appears to compress / blur a bit the 3d and its images, maybe similar to my Drive bug, the error lies in the compression ?

I’ve tried importing every raster format that SU will allow. It made no difference.

I don’t think it’s compression related, as I’ve never known that to cause a complete and exact colour shift such as this.

Something somewhere is telling Office that the red channel is blue and the blue channel is red for raster images in SU.

I’ve raised the issue with the MS Office community but have had virtually no response.

It would appear the issue isn’t widespread.

Very few people know about or use it.