Copy/Pasting images from Powerpoint into SketchUp Pro -- is this possible?

Hi, I have been given a Powerpoint file with many images that I need to bring into SketchUp Pro. Is there a way to directly copy and paste,many images at one time from one to the other? Or does each image need to be imported individually?

Thanks for your assistance!!

You cant copy and paste from powerpoint into SketchUp. You can save the powerpoint slides out as images, then import them into SketchUp individually.

Graphics in office suites like MS Office or LibreOffice can be a mix of raster and vector graphics.

If you are interested in a raster image like a scanned plan or a visualization of a building, you can right-click and export it to an image file like jpeg, png or bmp which you can import into SketchUp “as image” (in contrast to “as texture”).

If the office document contains a vector drawing you might be able to save it as a vector file, convert that and import it into SketchUp. For example export as wmf, convert in Inkscap to dxf, then import dxf into SketchUp. Or if your SketchUp version supports pdf, export to pdf and import pdf into SketchUp.

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