SketchUp to Office Excel

I am trying to insert my 2023 skp file into a Excel document and I am getting error messages. I was able to do this in my 2020 version with no problem. don’t know if something has changed??


Is not a SketchUp bug, is a problem of Microsoft


I have SketchUp 2023 Studio, is there any way to send a customer (that does not have SketchUP) a similar 3d file that they can look around?

Upload it to your Trimble Connect storage. Then send the client the link so they can open it in the online viewer.

have not tried Trimble Connect yet, I’ll look into it and see what I can do.


If you open de sketchup file in SketchUp Web you have an option to share a link

First in SketchUp’s FIle menu, select Trimble Connect>Publish model…

You can share the link either after opening it in SketchUp Web or just share the link from your Trimble Connect page.

I am in Trimble connect, I have uploaded the model from SketchUp. what do I do to send ?


Thanks again for all your help

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Good deal.

FWIW, if this isn’t the same as what you found, if you hover over the mode’s thumbnail and then check theh box, a panel will pen on the right side. Click on the Share icon and go from there.

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Unrelated to the OP, and I apologize, but those two models really caught my eye. I have suspicions we may be cut from similar cloth lol.

Mine? The overhead line shaft and the Lionel J-38?


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