BIG NEWS!πŸ“£ first time ever, SketchUp graphics integrated into Word, Excel, PPT, and Outlook!

Has anyone used this in Excel yet. I did, it is pretty cool but you have to enable Office Insider in Excel first - but that is easy - Open Excel go to Account and click Office Insider button and enable(doing this in excel enables it for word, excel, ppt and outlook).

Currently the result is it just a navigable 3d model in excel. Still pretty cool.

Overview and instructions

Now for my Question - does anyone know if we can β€˜get at’ the model information inside excel thru some programming or connection? Being it is native SKP file in Excel I would think there is some visible data???

Feature request
And then - does anyone know if we can have the SKP file be linked so that if the original SKP file is updated then the SKP in Excel is updated and the calculations in excel would be updated???

Any Ideas?