Send request to Microsoft to add Skp 3D models to Outlook

As you’re all probably aware, Microsoft recently added the option to link SketchUp 3D models into their main suite, so you can actually view the 3D model. However, it is not yet a feature in Outlook - which would be super helpful so you can send project updates, concepts to clients, etc, without having to attach a document.

So… if you open Outlook, and then click “Help” on the menu bar, you’ll see the option for “Suggest a Feature”. If you feel that having the option to insert 3D models (which are viewable in 3D) into emails would be helpful, please consider sending a request through to suggest that feature to Microsoft.

Hope you’re all having a great day or evening!!

Hi Pauline

I agree that would be great feature.

I doubt Microsoft will implement it as its already so simple to attach .skp imbedded office documents to your emails, or are you hoping your email recipients without Office can view your models.

That would definitely be neat :+1:

Hiya Kevin,

I agree, having non-MS mail able to view a model would be amazeballs! I was kinda hoping that at least it could be MS-based, so if you were in a company who all used outlook, you could just update your colleagues easily. We can but try.

But if you embed your model in an MS document, can you rotate, pan and zoom it or does it just display it (like an image)? Also, can you view scenes?

Hiya Dave,

This youtube video featuring a probably familiar face will give you all the details, but the short answer is: Yes, I believe so, I believe so, and no.

Hope that helps.

Some announcements indicate that Outlook is supposedly supported.

The article says certain version of Office is needed and it must be an Intel machine. I guess the question is, is SKP support still in Preview (Insider?), or has it gone public ?

In the video, when the 3D Model tab is active, there is a horizontal scrolling list of views.

Would these just be standard views or are they scenes ?

@peblz Yes, you can do all of those things when you place the model in a document or PPT slide but if you share the doc or are presenting the slide in a presentation, the reader/presenter can not rotate, pan or zoom the object. So my point is, what is the value versus just using an image. Yes, PPT does provide some animation capabilities but they do not give the presenter the freedom to take advantage of the 3D facilities.

@DanRathbun they are standard views and not scenes.

I guess my real point with all of this is that it would be neat to be able to share more of the 3D features of a SU model.

Yes… hence why I’m asking those who think it’s a good idea to be able to share in an email, to request this feature from Microsoft.