Do you give SKP file to clients?


I would like to exchange ideas about professional design service.

1.) Do you give SKP file included in your service package?
For my case, by default I will submit work in 3D image PDF + 2D CAD.DWG for layout but never include 3D.Skp file in package unless client hire me to do 3D model work or would like to purchase project file separately.

I found architects may not really mind sharing building SKP file because design may be used to specific building and location. However, my case, I mostly do interior decoration, custom made furniture. 3D models files can be use repeatedly to other projects, so I only provide client low poly version if necessary. Especially I cannot release model file until I get collect final payment.

What is your common practice?
Do your clients expect to receive 3D model as well?

2.) How to let clients be able to experience design without having SKP file?
Then come to problem, today everyone prefers to experience things in 3D.
Especially during design is developed. There are several options I am studying.

Any idea who you share your 3D model to client?
I hope I may have better workflow for this year :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.


One very simple option easily accessed from the web version is Share.
Have a look at this and see if you can view it etc then see if you can steal it.


Oh! Thank you again Box
I am surprised myself. How I do know SketchUp have this feature?
It seems to be good sharing solution. I will try to play with it.

There are various option available now, Trimble Connect offers various ways of sharing and collaborating.
Also they have recently added Office integration, so you can embed models within word, powerpoint etc.

As to your original question, that is something you would normally negotiate up front. In some cases there would be a significant difference in price if the client was to receive the .skp files.


I already test this workflow. It works ! Later I will try with more complex model. Thank you very much !!

I never think Trimble Connect is useful, I have to change my mind and learn how to use it.

  • Back to my first question, Yes, I always put clearly in quotation and inform my clients what is included and not included before start working. Maybe it is also good if I know how other studio do as well.

Trimble Connect is very very useful, I use it daily for co-working and sharing to clients.

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I am really glad I ask this question. This feature will change how I work this year.
What is surprised me is even I move SKP file location after inserting to MS Powerpoint.
PPT still be able to load model after linked file location is changed.

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I am learning how to use Trimble Connect now.
Just notice this file uploaded from SketchUp App will be saved in Trimble Connect profile.
Is there a data size limitation to save in Trimble server ?

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Also, what is the client initially buying ? are they buying a 3d file, or are they buying a conception ? images ?

  • If the job is to make 3d files for the client to use, then yes, they get files.
  • if the job is to make images for the client to use then no. They are buying the final images, not the tools I used in the process. The SU files wouldn’t be of much use anyway, there is a lot of render / photoshop involved. I could eventually sell the photoshop files. eventually.
  • if the job is the creation of something, a space, an object, then the product is the finalized object or space. If you hire me to make you a table, you’ll get a table, not the plans I designed. Same way, if I hire you to redesign my kitchen, I should get a kitchen. In this case, I would give 2d images aswell, or a link.

In any case, the files can be bought, and will be negotiated.
Same way, if you go to the restaurant, and order a duck breast, the restaurant won’t give you the rest of the duck to go, nor will they give you the knife they used, and the pan, and… unless you ask and offer to pay for it. maybe.

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Thank you for sharing. I totally agree. Even it should be common sense, I still experience some of clients or design studio just simply ask for SKP file. From my expereice I found architect don’t really mind sharing their architectural model.

In opposite way, if I need to know any dimensions, I will only ask people to provide me PDF drawing or CAD, then I will re-model it myself unless they really don’t mind to give me 3D file.

Maybe this year I just highlight what is not include in design service in larger text.

  • Good thing from this topic is now I know how to do if client want to see model in 3D.
    I can just share model with SketchUp App and send them a link.

This is the same concept you deal with in all freelance design jobs.

This Essay on contract types Is probably worth a read in your case.

The long story short of it is, no. Unless the client is paying for the right to own the design concept (your original concept), then they cannot get the file. And if they DO want to own the entire concept, then they’ve got to be willing to compensate for it properly because you would be giving up all future rights to the design.


Hi @Danimaupin, Thank you. This link gives me some ideas how to improve my quotation. :slight_smile:

i typically produce the deliverables as PDF.

if the client is interested in the 3D model, i usually have a “dumbed down” version where all the dynamic components have their dynamic bits removed and the textures replaced with colors only – reduces the file size and prevents re-use of my dynamic components. that said, i have a bunch of stuff in the 3dwarehouse so if people actually want an unlocked component(s), they can get it there.

in cases where i modeled commercial products (for which i am permitted by their owner), i’ll typically remove those proprietary objects as well, dynamic or not.

contractually, this is factored in as part of my finalizing the quote for services because i assume some will want the model(s), but they can ask for the 3D model as it is a part of my typical contracts.

any CNC or STL files that are specific to the requirement for buildability, and these are considered normal deliverables.

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Thanks for sharing. Good to know your practice.
I also do similar way you do. I called it low poly version. For example when I send file to furniture factory, I also remove prop and resize texture size.

Yes if they’re interested
I get them to download Sketchup Viewer and I set up scenes for them
I share thru Dropbox links

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