The best viewing software for SKP files

Hi everyone,

I am very new to sketch up but enjoying the journey.

After i create my masterpiece what is the best way to show this to my client?
Is there any good software the client can download for free PC/Mac/Tablet to view the file.

Thanks for all your help


Hello there. Welcome! Yes, there is. Have a look at SketchUp Viewer. After you’re done with your 3D modeling, simply send your client your SketchUp file and they can view it in SketchUp Viewer. The viewer doesn’t have modeling tools, so they can’t edit it. It’s only for navigating. :slight_smile:

Umm, but why are you talking about .3ds files. Sketchup files are .skp .

And there are native Sketchup viewers for Android and IOS from their respective App stores. Not free, but not v expensive (about £9 in UK stores or around $13 US). And other brands that will view either raw SKP files or exports to kmz or dae.

The PC and Mac viewers ARE free.

As far as I know, none (yet) show dimensions or text

Thanks for all your help.

The Sketchup Viewer is great i will send my clients the .skp

Thanks Again

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May I ask if you are designing room vaults or walk in safes? Curious based on your username. I have been thinking of designing my own polycarbonate in-wall display safe for my very small ww2 pistol collection.

Hi Rick,

We are security specialist and provide solutions like panic rooms, walking safes to installing access control with integrated alarms and cameras to large sites.

I really like this software as it is great to show the client, as a picture paints a thousand words.

your project sounds interesting how would you lock it?