Export .skp file in SketchUp Viewer for iOS


Is there any way to export .skp in SketchUp Viewer for iOS?

Thank you


since it’s the SU VIEWER, don’t you already have the SKP file?


I think I accidentally deleted the file on my pc and I can’t find it anywhere. The only copy left is in my iPhone SketchUp viewer app. :frowning:


Unless you left it open and minimized the app, a copy of the SKP should reside on your iPhone?

I’m not sure how you would open it from your iPhone if the file was on your PC, it’s probably not impossible, just improbable.


I have done the modeling with my pc.
I transfer it to my phone to view it.
After few months (which is now), I fail to locate that file on my pc.
So I am asking, is there a way to download the skp file from the mobile viewer app ?


Have you looked in the location you transferred it to on your phone?

The viewer app won’t store the file, it only reads / displays a file that you point it to. I don’t think it does anything other than display the file / content. I don’t think you can even make any changes to the file, it’s strictly a viewer, thus it won’t save the file or convert it for you.

Your best hope is to look at your backups of that time and / or on the device you transferred the file to in order to view it.


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