Open on IPad SKP uploaded files from this forum

Is it possible? If so, how can I do that?

There’s the SketchUp mobile viewer app:

Thank you, sorry for being so brief when posting my questions, but I’m traveling, it was midnight and a difference of 18 hours in the time zone, what I mean I was not Thinking well.
I already have SketchUp Viewer, but I Have not figured out how to open a file from the forum. If I right click on the file, it open in a new tab, but probably what opens is the code because is a unreadable text (some Chinese, some symbols and some USA).
If I share the file and add to the ICloud Drive, what I got is a PDF FILE.
In other forum (Podium) when I click on the file it opens in a new tab and the file is ready to be download to DropBox From where I can open it.
If there are any way to ope the file from this forum, I will appreciate to let me know.

If you download the SketchUp file to your mobile device, you should be able to open it in the SketchUp Mobile Viewer. You can also link the SketchUp Mobile Viewer a Dropbox or Trimble Connect account to save your SketchUp files for easy viewing.

OK this is my problem, I don’t know how to download the file. I already know how to open a file from 3D Warehouse, ICloud and Dropbox, but no from the forum. When a click on a file uploaded in the forum I get 5 options 1) Open, 2) Open in new tab, 3) Open in split view, 4) Add to reading list and 5) Share. The first two options are the same or work the same, because they open the file in a new safari tab as unreadable text, is not open in SketchUp Viewer as I would have expected. If I chose the last option I have the possibility to save either in ICloud or DropBox, but the only thing that is saved is a text file with the link of the SKP file (like this

In resume, the part I’m missing is how to download the file, like what I do when working in my desktop, right click on the file and choose either one open directly in SketchUp or download in the download folder.

Please be patient with me, it looks like l’m missing an easy step.

What happens if you click that link in your mobile device? In theory, it should download the SketchUp file to your device. You can also try long-pressing the link to get options to see if it will download.

Ty thanks so much, I can figured up what was happening. When I open the file (by touching or clicking the file) it open in new tab an look like this

When i saw that screen I stopped to try download the file because I thoughts it was wrong, but if I share that screen (with share icon) I could download a zip file to DropBox and the open in SketchUp Viewer.

Again thank you.