Sketchup on Ipad & Onedrive: I see files, but cannot open them

Going to Onedrive on my ipad, selecting the skp-file to be opened via “…”, the file opens.
If I open Sketchup Pro on the Ipad and try “Open from”, I can go to the same files in Onedrive, but the files can not be opened… what goes wrong?

Download the file to a local drive, then open it. When finished upload the file after saving. It is best practice to work on files that are on a local drive. When working on a file opened on a nonlocal drive is like playing Russian Roulette.

Thank you for your answer! But it is strange that I can see them, but cannot open them? A bug?

On iPad or iPhone, you need to be opening through the files app and then they should appear in the recent models from within the SketchUp app.

@superline thanks for posting your report here, much appreciated. Apologies for the trouble you’re having working with models that are stored in One Drive.

Opening files from the OneDrive app in the way that you’ve described via “Open From…” should be possible. And it is odd that if you start in the files app, and then open the file in the SketchUp app, that works, but the Open From path doesn’t. Probably something here for us to look into.

Can you please confirm for me which version of the SketchUp app you’re using, and also the approx file size of the model you’re trying to open?

Good Morning, thank you for your reply!

App used: Ver 6.2.0 (1937). ipad OS 16.3.1

Approx filesize: 300 kb

I can see .dwg files… but the skp files are all vague.

work to do?

Hello, I am having the same issue. I use Google Drive, and since I updated the Sketchup app on my iPad I now can’t open files from G drive, they are greyed out. If I open the file from files as suggested above, they will open, but not from within the app itself.