Can't open skp files on ipad

I cant open files on skpfiles on my ipad anymore, driving me nuts.all files are greyed out

You might want to remove that last image since it shows your email address and other stuff you shouldn’t be sharing publicly.

I can’t see in the first screenshot but what is the path to the file?

Thanks mate, that was dumb , ha

Can you see it now

I can’t see the entire path. What it looks like from here is that the entire path isn’t available.

how can I fix that?

I guess from what I can see it looks like the file might be somewhere like a cloud location but you haven’t got an internet connection to the cloud.

You didn’t uninstall the previous version of SketchUp for iPad before installing the latest one, did you?

no I didn’t, it’s greyed out for all skp files even ones stored on my ipad

What happens if you click on one of them anyway?

nothing, it doesn’t let me click on them, I have internet connection. I also cant creat new and then import a skp file it only lets me import DWG and PDF files

Can you open a .skp file instead of importing it?

not from the app, I can if I go into files app or Google drive app and select open with and click SketchUp

Weird. Perhaps @MikeTadros will have time to check in and comment.


@Ireland1345 sorry for the trouble that you’re experiencing.
Can you please clarify which version of the SketchUp app you’re using?
We just recently released an update, v6.5.2, to the app store a couple of days ago, and it would be good to know if you’re seeing this issue in the latest version.

yes I’m using 6.5.2 and iPadOS17.5.1

Hi any recommendations here, is there anything I can try on my end, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and did nothing.

I guess Mike will be along soon but my understanding is that if you uninstsll SketchUp for iPad the SketchUp files saved on the device also get deleted. Mike will certainly correct me if I’m wrong.

Dave is correct that uninstalling the program takes the locally stored files with it. Can you upload the files somewhere that others could try opening them?

@Ireland1345 sorry to hear that this issue continues for you. I can confirm that the ‘Open From’ button in the app does not currently support navigating to a Google Drive file and opening it, and apologize for the confusion this may be causing. This is something the team is looking into.

However, ‘Open From’ should be working for other cloud drive providers, and of course should work for locally stored files, such as those in your ‘Downloads’ folder, so it’s concerning to hear that those paths aren’t working for you. For the file locations that have .skp files greyed out for you, can you post or message me directly a screenshot similar to below, making sure to click on the arrow circled in red so that it shows the full file path?

I also noticed there is an error icon warning in the lower left corner, which may be related to the issue. Can you please click on that button and also message me directly a screenshot of the page that opens up?

It does open .skp files that are saved on the ipad