Model file suddenly not opening on ipad


I’m hoping someone can help. I am stuck and totally confused about what’s going wrong with a model I have been working on for a week and now can’t open…

The file is 88.6MB and is a garden model, it was working fine then suddenly it slowed down, froze and now it won’t open at all. It says loading then nothing happens. I’m working on an iPad version. I’ve raised a ticket and they have asked that I send a copy but when I try to export to send them a copy I click export, select 3D model format and it thinks then nothing happens.

Can anyone talk me through where I’m going wrong please? Thank you!

Instead of export maybe use download skp and send that to them.

Tagging into a thread with the same problem title.

Working in iPad on a model that I created in iPad (I think) and it’s crashing on open with this model only. Haven’t opened it in a while. There’s probably a warehouse model in there that needs deleting, but I can’t open it.

Rob’s Rental.skp (6.9 MB)

I tried opening it on SketchUp desktop but I get a bug splat. Maybe @colin can do some magic.

It opened on my little laptop.

It only shows two scenes. I’ve been having issues with scenes showing up. Usually, other missing scenes do show up later.

I don’t typically have scenes… so I wonder what I was doing there.

Both scenes were above looking down. I forget what that’s called.

Plan view…

It opens in web, and then when I saved it into my Trimble from there with a new name, then I download that and it behaves in exactly the same way.

There is something odd in the file that crashes SketchUp running the new graphics engine. That includes 2024 on desktop, and 6.5.1 on iPad.

I am alerting the authorities…

BTW, if you have the ability to go back to the older version, the model does open in 6.4 on iPad.

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If it helps, when I open it in web it cries a warning about it being a “very large file”.

It did that when I opened it too.

My guess would be something to do with Markups.
You can see here they markups appear and quickly fade out.

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That would explain the scenes! Which I don’t usually use… And then when I tested other models with the same furniture in it they opened just fine.

I went diving through all my other models (ALL of them…) and there are mark’d up models that open just fine and others that I do not believe I marked up which are crashing the program upon open.

Here is a link to a google drive folder with the other five models that crash my program. Let me know if I didn’t get the sharing right.

I do not necessarily need these other files rescued, as they are dead projects or projects that moved forward without me… but just in case they help with your investigations, here they are.

Strangely enough the other five are all from the same project but didn’t start in the same models space or begin as copies of one another.

I found out what was causing the problem. Somehow you have managed to include images that are 0x0 in size. The new graphics engine currently doesn’t like those.

Here are two of the files after I had tracked down and removed the 0x0 image.

Northwoods Paintings.skp (1.4 MB)
Rob’s Rental.skp (6.9 MB)

The previous bug report I had created, for the 0x0 image issue, is SKOR-18893 in our system.


Excellent!!! Thank you very much!!