Impossible to open some files

Hi everyone,
I’ve just bought a new iPad only to be able to open my 3D files created on Sketchup Pro.

But unfortunately I cannot open files about 100Mo and more… it always crashes in trying to open.

Do you know why?.. Many thanks.

What iPad, and what are they models of? Everything I do is small (and kept small on purpose) because I do all my work on ipad.

I am actually having trouble even finding a model that large to try and download. Is there a possibility of cleaning your model? Purging unused or ditching actual geometry texture in favor of JPEG or png?

Do they have a lot of high poly models from the warehouse?

A 100mb file sounds like it will decompress into something very large and complex that the i.Pads won’t have enough memory/RAM to open.

Try purging all unused items from the scene before you try and open it on iPad.
Also if you have any plants there is a 99.9% chance that they are causing you issues

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