Is something wrong with the Scale grips & toggles?

I’m trying to scale something using the X and Y (red and green) axis, but not the Z (blue) axis.

I need to scale it proportionally according to the X and Y plane… how do I do that?

I thought in the past I would grab the corner scale grip -the one in the centre of the item - and use that.
This seems to work fine (it’s locked to X and Y only) until I press Shift to toggle on “Uniform Scale” …it then changes mode and scales up everything X Y and Z (the same as if I had selected the ‘diagonal’ grip.

That seems… wrong…or has it always been like that?

scale box error8

PS: no workaround suggestions required…I can thikn of a bunch of workarounds, but Im asking about this specific behaviour :slight_smile:

It’s newish behavior. Shift toggles uniform scale setting, the indicator of this is the addition of the word uniform to the bottom tool description, and the tool tip text changes to include Uniform scale. When uniform scale is selected the entire selection will be scaled together regardless of which handle you use even if you use only a single direction handle.

I’m still getting used to it too, especially after entering an absolute dimension in inches, which requires the shift button and sometimes accidentally triggers the toggle for subsequent scale operations. What this does mean is that you can scale an entire object using a known dimension from one axis. As in: “I want this side to be 5’ and the rest to adjust accordingly”.

Hitting shift a second time will toggle uniform scaling back off.

Sure, but even with that behaviour, why wouldnt Uniform Scale be locked to the Red & Green axes?
Shouldn’t it be impossible to scale Blue if I’ve grabbed that handle?

So there’s no way to scale proportionally according to just the X & Y axis? That seems like an oversight.

‘Uniform’ scale always worked that way, like when entering the component or group and using the tapemeasurement tool for resizing. (3 directions, x,y,z)
The difficulty was holding shift when picking one handle, fi. if you knew the height of a table, grabbed the top middle handle, move it along the blue axe, hold shift, click somewhere, than let go the shift button and start typing the height of the table with units.
This has become more convenient.
(Using metric, here, I have no experience with inches or feet)
Picking a handle in the middle of the ribs offers two directions in the measurements box (unless you now toggle with shift)
Typing both dimension or scalefactors divided by the seperator should work, still.
If you want to determine all three dimensions, you can still pick any handle and start typing the 3 dimensions or scalefactors.
Unless you toggle, ofcourse. @endlessfix do you have smartquotes on? maybe that has impact

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I will check on smart quotes, good idea. Sometimes after entering inches I find myself set to uniform, that would explain it.