How do a do a proportional scale in 2 axis?

If I want to scale something in the X and Y (but not Z) axis, I use the middle reference point:


And I always believed that if I hit SHIFT, it would change the scale proportionally but because I was using the middle point, still do X and Y… But I realised today that when you hit sift, it scales on all 3 axis, irrespective of which point you click…

So without thge shift, the Z height stays the same… But the object grows/shrinks on the X/Y axis… But when I hit SHIFT, the object grows/shrinks on ALL axis.

What I want is a way to proportionally reresize the model on the X/Y but NOT Z.

I know I can do this by rescaling and then typing a number in the Measurments box (i.e 1.5,1.5)… But I would like to do it using the mouse so that I can scale the object by eye…

Does this make sense? Is there a way to do this?


I’m not sure you can do what you want. You have probably used a cylinder as a simple example. But if not, you could scale the circle you started with before using Push/Pull to create the cylinder.


I chose a cylinder because this is the exact usage case in this instance… I have imported an STL and want to make this recess a bit tighter


If I click on the middle point and scale it, its hard to keep it proportional

(This is obviously exagerated)… If I hit shift (which I assumed would work then this happens because the Z height changes

The only way I have found to do this is to do an unproportional scale (no SHIFT) and then type 1.1,1.1 in the measurement… And then keep changing the numbers until it looks right.

And in truth, I can live with that… I just wondered if I was missing something, as I can’t get my head around why the SHIFT key works like this… I would assume it would just make the scale proportional on the axis which apply to which point you are selecting.

FredoScale… Love it… That looks like it will do exactly what I want… Cheers.

Unless your circles have been exploded, you can also change holes sizes using cardinal points. Hover over the upper circle a moment to snap the second to the same size.

I get that if it was a circle… Its one of the features I use the most as I draw a lot of models with holes in that I adjust.

I normally do it by finding the cardinal point on the wall of the cylinder and ‘moving’ the radius, rather than doing it on the top/bottom circles.

But in this case this is an imported STL and its exploded.

That does bring me to a question I have always wanted to ask, which is whether there is a way to convert an import hole to a circle…

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Holding Ctrl should work, too.
I believe there are extensions that create circles out of segments that are the same length.