How do I scales an object proportionally in 2 Axis

I have an flat object which is 3mm thick… I want to make it bigger, but keep it 3mm thick, so use the “scale” tool and click on the middle point in one of the corners and now as I move it around, I can change the shape of the object, but only on the red/green axis (so it doesn’t get any thicker).

But this isn’t proportional… I assumed that by holding SHIFT it would keep the object proportional and it does but on the blue axis too, so it gets thicker.

Is there really no way to ‘lock’ the proportions, only on the axis you need?

There are obviously ways to work around this, but I just assumed that if I was only scaling on the Red/Green axis, and used the shift key, it would only keep the proportions on the red/green axis.

Is there another obvious feature I am overlooking?


I guess the obvious feature is as follows. If you look at the Measurements window when scaling by the corner like you were doing. There are two scale factors. If you want to scale in the directions only and keep the same proportions, enter the same scale factor twice separated by a comma. (or a semicolon if you use a comma as a decimal separator).

Or you can use Fredoscale and enter a single scale factor for the Red,Green plane.

Cheers… I did do exactly that… But it seemed a little odd that the shift key, over-rides the point that you have selected to scale and hoped there was a way to do it with the mouse…