Scale without changing angles

Can you scale an item with a 45 degree angle without changing the angle?

This isn’t really a SU thing: it’s more like a “laws of the universe” thing.

If you scale an object proportionately along all axes, all the angles stay the same. If you scale an object along one axis or use different scales along each axis, angles will definitely change since you’re changing the aspect ratio of the sides. You can do either kind of scaling operation with SU’s Scale tool.


Thanks Gully, I thought there was a way around that.

It would be useful know what it is you are really trying to do. It may be that instead of scaling, it would be appropriate to select the 45° face and use the Move tool to move it. This would be appropriate, for example, to change the length of a mitered picture frame or a crown molding. It would work in the same way as changing the length of the door rail in this screen grab.


That’s exactly what I was trying to do, your solution is perfect. Thanks!

Happy to help.

There are many cases where Scale seems to be what you should use but Move is really the right tool for the job.