"Shift = Toggle Uniform", but on my keyboard, I need the Shift key to enter the scaling factor

I want to scale a component with an exact factor (0,3114).
I am on a MacBook Pro, with a French-Belgian keyboard.
According to my regional setting, the decimal separator is “,”. This is not a problem (I’ve double checked this with the Tape Mesure tool :-).
The problem is, to access the digits, I need to press on the Shift key. But when scaling, this toggles the “Uniform/non Uniform” mode, and I cannot enter any value.
How to solve this problem?

click to complete the scale randomly, then enter dimensions or scale factor

It works !
Thank you.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete/update your profile.

The Shift modifier is not a ‘toggle’ you would need to hold it and would only come in play if you pick another grip handle then the outer grips of the cube.

Thanks for the explanation !

Version: SK PRO 21.0.392