Resize rectangle using scale tool

Aaron just did a video on ways to resize a rectangle which included using the scale tool. One (or both) sides of a rectangle can be resized to a specific dimension by typing a measurement into the measurement box instead of a scale factor.

Great! Except the dimension cannot be input in inches, only feet. Once you press the shift key to enter inches, the ‘uniform scale’ toggle option is activated.

See GIF. I am resizing one side of the rectangle to 3 inches. First, I type in .25’ Works fine. Then, I try to type in 3” which doesn’t work. Am I missing something?

scaling a rectangle

It works here.


Uniform scale. Let go of Shift and the mouse before typing the dimensions.

You should type 3" into the measurement box. Looking closely at your GIF, you maybe typing 3 then return then ". Whereas for the .25’ you typed it with a single return after '.

No. I’m typing 3" and then hitting Return. The same with all of the other dimensions I typed.

I didn’t enter any dimensions in feet.

Your GIF is correct. My reply was addressed to the OP.

@DaveR, how do you enter the " character without activating the uniform scale toggle?

I don’t usually scale this way, but upon trying it I’m running into the same issue as @CarolynF.

@zaz1 Sorry.

It doesn’t activate once I’ve let go of Shift and clicked the Mouse button the second time. I’m not doing anything special.

Normally Uniform when using a corner handle so no need to press Shift. If you use a side handle, let go of both Shift and the mouse before entering the dimensions.

Finish the Scale by clicking a second time at a random point. Then type 3".

At least for me this is the only way of using the inches symbol as I cannot use shift during a scale operation without invoking uniform scale.




Yes, that works. Thanks!

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Weird, not sure how that works for you Dave. Nothing happens when you push shift? How do you invoke uniform scale then? I must be holding my tongue wrong.

That’s probably it.

Uniform Scale is the default when scaling by a corner. If you scale by a side handle you need to press Shift. If you want to scale by a corner non-uniformly, then Shift will toggle it off.

Here I’m sitting on my left hand while scaling by the corner. Didn’t touch Shift until scaling by the side handle.

I get how to scale uniformly, I don’t understand how you type the inches symbol without uniform scale turning on when you press shift and voiding the input string.

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After that second click of the mouse button it works fine.

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:+1: Cool :sunglasses: