Resize layout object using dimensions instead of scale?

I haven’t been able to work out how to resize the sheet border rectangle using dimensions.

Left-click-dragging is no good because it is jerky and wants to snap, despite snap being turned off.

I then try typing in mm movement dimensions (as you do in SU), but those dimensions are taken to be scales.

To be able to move the corner of the rectangle in specific mm would solve my problem.

I don’t know of any toggle keys or the like that might explain the behaviour.

What am I doing wrong?

I have SU2017 Pro.

You can’t scale the rectangle with dimensions but there are other ways to get the rectangle to the desired size. You could draw it to the correct size to begin with entering dimensions as you would in SketchUp. You could add dimensions to the rectangle you’ve already drawn and move the edges until it’s the size you want. Or you could draw lines of the desired length parallel to the sides of the rectangle and use their endpoints as inference points when resizing the rectangle.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I could also measure the existing length, and calculate the scale factor to move the edge/corner the required precise distance. I tend to something similar inside SU to scale an inserted image.

I was thrown into confusion by the fact that Layout doesn’t seem to allow movement of an edge or corner by distance. It is otherwise such an intrinsic part of SU.

I think it might be possible to change position to another x-y position on the drawing (from the corner of the page), but that is inconvenient, and I haven’t tested it out.

I don’t believe it is possible to do that.

Why not just draw a rectangle of the desired size in the first place? It’s faster than scaling correctly anyway.

I suppose you could set the grid steps to some factor of the dimensions you want and use Grid Snapping.

Keep in mind that while LayOut and SketchUp are tied together, the tools are not the same.

I give up and will revert to one of the work-arounds. I had hoped that I might have missed something basic.

I have the unhappy knack of making these sorts of discoveries whenever doing something I haven’t tried before, while working on a project with a deadline. Then I have to find extra hours in the day to sort out the wrinkles before the project can continue.

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Well, no improvement in LO 2018 -

seriously this is really dumb SKETCHUP TEAM -

I have never seen any design software using scale as its primary adjustment criteria

WHY ISN’T JUST LIKE SU - Why did you adopt a different methodology for LO?

I love SU too but this is indefensible…

I also can’t draw everything perfectly correct at first instance

design is an iterative process, with many tweaks and adjustments and the workarounds are clumsy